Author: bob

Springfield Garden One Year Later

This past spring I was delighted to return to the garden of one fantastic woman where we worked last year. Here are some photos I took on my visit: The entry garden plantings have filled in beautifully. Ajuga spills over the mixed basalt wall with Oregon native kinnikinnick (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) at it’s … more

Phases of a Garden Retreat

Back in 2010 we installed half of our design for a very special garden retreat in the hills outside Eugene. The garden is detached from the house in a sunny clearing in the woods. The first phase included a hardy kiwi entry pergola, a flagstone dining patio topped with a custom grape … more

Rock walls: Beautiful and functional

Exploring Western Oregon’s spectacular outdoors inspires our work. This scene along the Middle Fork of the Willamette caught our eye recently. Mother Nature builds stone walls like no other! As in the wild, in the garden there is nothing like natural stone to bring a sense of enduring strength and patterned beauty. … more

Why People Need Gardens

With wet soil (also known as mud) coating my gloves, rain coat and shovel handle recently, I got to thinking. What is it about these special gardens that we create that really matters? In other words, why do people need these gardens? The biophilia hypothesis claims that our instinctive connection to nature … more