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We design & build
residential gardens and landscapes

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What our clients say

You know, this is really art what you do with the stone and the plants and the whole thing. I can’t DO it, but I sure can SEE it and really appreciate it.
— Dave

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About us

Leslie & Aaron Davis owners/operators

We’re a small, family run business. Since 2004, we’ve been designing, installing and planting landscape gardens in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. We bring our years of experience to each project so that you get a low maintenance, beautiful landscape that’s just right for you and for your site. We believe that easy access to nature’s beauty is a necessary balm for your hectic life. Equally, we understand that the choices we make in developing your property can benefit birds, bees, and the ecology of your home. What’s good for you, is good for nature. Email us today! Let’s talk about how we can open your doors to nature’s beauty. More about our approach.