With Whole Gardens, you will be given something extraordinary in your plantings.


We love plants and know a lot about them! Living in the Willamette Valley with our mild climate and abundant nurseries is an amazing opportunity for us to enjoy diverse landscape plantings. There is no reason to exclusively grow the same old shrubs seen repeated over and again.

Surely, the tried and true have their place as does the well adapted newcomer grown by local plants people. Our keen knowledge of a wide-range of plants and their maintenance guides our planting choices for an enduring design.

We plan, select, procure, install and maintain garden plantings designed for beauty, wildlife and edibility. All our planting and maintenance practices are organic. We source from a variety of local Willamette Valley growers.

We work with many planting themes to create the appropriate plan for each project, including: orchards; meadows; bird, butterfly and pollinator gardens; herb gardens; mixed hedges; woodlands; color; fragrance; lawn replacement plantings; ornamental edibles; natives; low-maintenance landscape gardens; drought tolerant plantings, etc.