Naturalistic Plantings

The best part of landscape garden making!


From small and creeping to overhead soaring, plants are the most dynamic part of gardens. Their magic is what the garden is really all about. So, you want to make sure you have all the right ones in all the right relationships and aspects. You want green-blooded plant nerds like us on your team!

I work a little differently than most when designing your planting plan. Taking my cues from your site and from your interests, I build a layered community of plants that looks beautiful and functions ecologically. Instead of individual blobs of green in a sea of mulch, your garden will be rich in biodiversity and low in maintenance. Thinking ecologically, I combine plants that grow happily together. Thinking aesthetically, I make sure the colors and forms look gorgeous throughout the seasons.

Your garden may include a mixed hedge of expertly combined shrubs and trees, or a designed meadow of flowering perennials, grasses, bulbs and annuals. Maybe you’d like an orchard or food forest with the right mix of beneficial herbs on its floor. Or we could talk about a custom seed mix to stretch your budget on a larger lawn conversion. Your plantings will be the talk of the neighborhood!