Full Installation

Your imagined landscape made real


After your landscape renovation is clarified through the initial design phase, we’ll have all the information we need to make it real. Because your garden is one-of-a-kind, we take extra time to prepare your installation plan and proposal. Addressing a variety of landscape elements and their sequencing takes more planning that simply giving a bid for a certain square footage of, say, lawn. It’s important to us to plan well for all the variables before we start digging. This means that you’ll get an accurate proposal so you feel confident in what you’re getting for your investment.

Your project will likely start with site clearing. This is a great chance to edit weedy and diseased plants or other unwanted junk like railroad ties or unstable pavers. Taking the big picture approach, you’ll find that getting rid of anything you really don’t love is freeing and leads toward a more cohesive garden experience.

If your design includes any stonework, you’re in luck! Aaron, our lead project manager, is a natural when it comes to integrating stone into the landscape. Stepping stone paths are one of his specialties. Looking at these paths is as transporting as viewing an admired artwork. Walking on them is safe and well-paced, connecting you to the outdoors. Aaron also installs landscape boulders in such a sympathetic way that you’ll think nature herself placed them so. Any stone elements, well installed, bring a timeless beauty to your garden.

And, of course, your landscape garden needs loving soil preparation and healthy plants! Renovation is the perfect opportunity to enhance the life of your dirt. That’s why we use compost rich planting soil to amend and grade your new beds. We also mix in appropriate organic fertilizers with mycorrhizal inoculants at planting time. All your new plants will come to you ready to thrive in well prepared ground. It’s a rare day that a new plant fails on our watch!

Throughout the installation phase, you’ll see daily changes. What was only on paper and your imagination before, starts to take shape in full scale on the ground. All the spaces become easy to access with well-crafted details and the plantings take root. You’ll want to move right out and make it your own!