From our customers

For Leila and me the garden brings a joy beyond words. It is clear, too, that as it comes in more fully, the density of plants we want is suppressing weeds effectively. The growth of the wild strawberries this year is amazing. And the Magician rose is indeed magical, and even miraculous: Leslie, look at how it is climbing the arbor!
— John
I can't thank you enough--not only for transforming my yard into a garden and environment I will enjoy for years to come, but for the experience of working with you and all the great people you brought in to do specific work. It was so enjoyable getting to know everyone--and to see their excellent work.
— Marilyn
It is beyond my wildest dreams. I love it so much. It is absolutely beautiful and it has been so for months. You get to design these wondrous places but perhaps you don't always get to see them when they are in their glory. I think of you and Aaron with gratitude every day when I am in the yard....which is just about every day!
— June
Seriously from the bottom of my heart we are filled with such gratitude for all your hard work and inspiration (the boys included). It is more magical than I ever expected. Honestly for the first time today in weeks, a hummer came to the feeder at the window looking for food. I know it was my Mom sharing the joy with me. I will spend so much time out here contemplating, connecting with that which is greater - and my Mom will be flying beside me as birds, monarch butterflies, and the stars in the sky. You nailed it, Leslie!
— Ami
OMG!! It is so nice. All of our friends have been so impressed. Erica has noticed the changes in color since you and Aaron finished. Even in this short period of time.
— Don
It was such a pleasure to work with you from design to finish! I so appreciate your careful consideration and attention to detail!
— Carolyn
You were able to interpret my goals for the garden wonderfully well. I LOVE my new steps!
— Cris
I don't know if I expressed how good I felt about your plan and presentation. For the first time, I feel like the project is real and I can picture how good it will actually look. The detail was exceptional, your reasoning was illuminating, and your design artwork was beautiful.
— Richard
The rain garden inspector loved it so much, he wants to take some photos of it and put it on their site as an example of how to use a sloped space. I’m looking forward to the next phase!
— Barb
Very pleased with the design, workmanship and care taken with our front yard. I am pleased with every aspect, but mostly with the design concept. I really felt that you understood the look and integration we were striving for. My front garden gives me a wonderful feeling of joy whenever I gaze at it or stroll around looking at all the plants; and the rock terrace is perfect! Thank you!
— Menina & Josh