Big picture designs

Your landscape goals clarified


Anything that’s worth pursuing starts with a clear vision, a picture of where you’re headed, and a design that maps the way to get there. That’s why we start your landscape renovation with a rich and comprehensive design phase.

I think of your design as a marriage between your goals and the nature of your site. The input you provide through our conversations and the design questionnaire guides me towards a plan that feels right for you. Our survey work observing, measuring and getting to know your yard as it is guides the design, too, so that what we create works harmoniously with the land.

A big picture design is your opportunity to elevate your garden with an artistic layout that is as beautiful to look at as it is to live in. Whether you’re attracted to naturalistic curves or modern geometry, I’ll give you a design that feels intentional and welcoming with strong frames that draw you outdoors to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Dressing this framework are the plants, green and vibrant and suited for enduring beauty. My planting plans are a bit different than other landscape designers. I start by building plant communities that look gorgeous throughout the year. Equally, I plan for mixes that function ecologically to give you a low maintenance scene. Instead of individual specimens surrounded by a sea of mulch, your planting plan will be layered with patterns of plants in relationships. This means you’ll enjoy more beauty with less work.


Your finished design is rendered in full color. A detailed plant list and images accompany the design.



At the end of the design phase, you’ll see exactly where your garden is headed, and we’ll have a map of what it will take to get there.


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