Checkermallow Love–for Beauty, Conservation, and Pollinators


Living, gardening, and hiking in western Oregon, I was bound to meet up with this wildflower sooner or later. Rose checkermallow has a range that extends through the Willamette Valley and southward to the California border. It took a sleeping bee to draw me in and I haven’t stopped looking since.

Read my latest contribution to Pacific Horticulture, Checkermallow Love, to learn how to integrate the prettiest native flower into your garden, regardless of style.

As a gardener, you have a real opportunity to learn from nature and make a positive contribution. It can be as simple as planting a few checkermallows.


One comment on “Checkermallow Love–for Beauty, Conservation, and Pollinators”

  1. Kyle Putnam says:

    Currently an MVP in a marshy spot. Improves and expands TREMENDOUSLY from year 1 to year 3.

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