Springfield Garden One Year Later

This past spring I was delighted to return to the garden of one fantastic woman where we worked last year. Here are some photos I took on my visit:

The entry garden plantings have filled in beautifully. Ajuga spills over the mixed basalt wall with Oregon native kinnikinnick (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) at it’s base. The orange flowered California poppies returned from the gardens previous life to add just the right spark of late spring color and the rugosa rose is filling out.


A little surprise awaits around the side path where strawberry foxglove flank the flagstone path and complement the rhododendrons’ big blooms.

From the back patio, the view of this pond we installed last summer is amazing with lush grasses, sedges and primroses.


And from a secret little patio we see a view up the waterfall into the sunny upper garden.


These artfully constructed stairs have become an unexpected gem of the garden with multi – tonal foliage softening and brightening the passage upward.

The uppermost terrace holds an abundance of flowers and raspberries, too!


What a joy to watch our design emerge over time with the gentle hand of nature and a sweet homeowner guiding it’s growth!

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