This Patio – a Tale From Our Own Garden


Even I couldn’t believe it when our beautiful flagstone patio became something else once again. But, this time it just didn’t seem possible. In a garden this small, a basketball court!? Tonight Aaron and our son Alder are thoroughly enjoying passing, spinning and “shooting hoops” onto our studio roof. With so many plants sporting their spring freshness around the patio, I’d think this would be an anxiety producing activity at best, disaster at worst. But, no, we’re having great fun playing outside together (and the plants are absolutely fine)!

This beautiful patio, how I love you, let me count the ways: for early morning yoga under the stars you are so smooth and offer a sense of the sacred; through a work day in the studio, you give up your warm stone bench to ground us and inspire our work; when dear friends visit, we linger in your generous space and dance; for our daily sweat, we set the bike trainer upon you and get our move on in all new inspired ways; when our eyes need a rest, you’re well-crafted patterns of natural flagstone meeting brick are just  so nice. We’ve played card games on this patio, worked out business decisions, and deeply relaxed to the sounds of birds and wind in the bamboo. This is more a living room to us than our indoor version. And now we learn we can even play basketball on this resilient surface!

Dear patio, you are so much more than the high maintenance, unsatisfying lawn you used to be. You are the heart of our home.

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